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Can Utah Coal Mines Be Tapped For Rare Earth Elements?

Research documents elevated levels of critical minerals, needed for energy transition and tech, above and below coal seams in Utah and Colorado.

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U of U Researcher Among First Awardees Of New National Artificial Intelligence Initiative

Dr. Vivek Srikumar is part of the first class of researchers under the NSF and DOE's new National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource Pilot...

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Is Balsam Woolly Adelgid Coming To A Forest Near You?

Research forecasts spread of new nonnative invasive insect that is killing fir trees across northern Utah.

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Utah Awarded $62M Grant To Help Increase Access To Solar Power For Traditionally Underserved Communities

EPA awards Utah a $62 million grant as part of a federal program to help increase access to the benefits of solar power for traditionally underserved...

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A Bridge To Recovery

Most opioid-addicted people show up in the ER desperate for help. Can we coordinate care when they need it most?

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Changing The Chemistry Of The Baltic Sea

Human activities account for a substantial amount of toxic thallium that has entered the Baltic Sea over the past 80 years.

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Wetter Recognized for Exemplary Leadership in Cancer Equity

David W. Wetter, PhD, earns senior investigator award for groundbreaking work in cancer health equity.

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Scott Summers: A Lifelong Quest

Summers is on the verge of a groundbreaking treatment for diabetes based on molecules called ceramides.

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Andrea Wallace: Beyond Clinic Walls

Wallace finds ways to measure patients’ social needs and connect them with essential resources.

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The University of Utah's research discoveries advances new knowledge, makes innovative discoveries, and creates life-changing solutions for our global community.
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Innovation at the Forefront

Since its inception in 1850, the university's innovative landscape has paved the way for life-changing inventions and discoveries. Recognized as the first institution to receive an NIH grant in 1945, the U is distinguished for its countless research studies, from performing the world’s first artificial heart transplant to developing the Internet as the ARPANET’s fourth node. The U’s noteworthy history, state-of-the-art facilities, and remarkable research community continue to contribute to the U’s leading research breakthroughs.

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Jorie M. Butler

AHRQ grant for An Age-Friendly Learning Healthcare System: A Transformative Digital Solution for Geriatrics Clinics 

Manish Parashar

 2024 CRA Distinguished Service Award for highly impactful service to the computing research community.

Jaclyn Wright

International exhibition opening at Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam and book release of High Visibility (Blaze Orange)