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Dr. Catherine Ruetschlin & Yazgi Genc – Childcare Crisis

Our host Elizabeth Johnson is joined by Dr. Catherine Ruetschlin and research fellow Yazgi Genc, two members of the University of Utah’s Economic Evaluation Unit (EEU), to explore the many challenges in the current US childcare market, and the policy recommendations at the center of their research. EEU authors Dr. Ruetschlin and Yazgi Genc prepared the Utah 2021 Child Care Market Rate Study for the Utah Department of Workforce Services Office of Child Care. This report provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date look at prices, fees, and the cost of providing child care in the state of Utah and its regional submarkets. The EEU is a policy research organization within the Department of Economics at the University of Utah. EEU comprises students and faculty working on a broad range of policy issues. EEU Policy groups work on forecasting, development, regional analysis, growth, and environmental economics. Research in applied policy targets issues related to labor, gender, health, education, poverty, and inequality. EEU partners include businesses, government agencies, and community organizations. EEU collaborates with the department’s undergraduate Statistical Analysis track, the Master of Statistics degree, the Graduate Certificate in Statistics, the Economics Master’s Program, and the Graduate Ph.D. Program in Economics.

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